Types of Domain Names and their influence on your Business

Types of Domain Names and their influence on your Business

Either its retail business or online, both nature of businesses require to be existed somewhere or have a location to mention. While for retail, it’s a street address, but in case of online business, you need to have a domain name (or, simply an electronic address).

It is of utmost importance for entrepreneurs to understand the aim of their website before they select a domain name amongst its several types. They must be aware of what is gTLD name and top level domains (TLD).  Also, they ought to know about various types of domain names, and tools to search for domain name ideas efficiently.

Why Businesses Should Opt for Generic Domains?


Companies need a name that can represent their niche or service mark to others, adequately. A great way of branding your business is to select generic top level domains that include domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org and .biz. Generic domains help business to achieve a memorable and relatable brand name.

Marketing efficiency

With generic domain names, you can do a lot. They help you increase web traffic and improve SEO. Apart from instant recognition, it helps to enhance your business credibility and overall profile.

Better Customer Experience

Another use of gTLD domains is to deliver a better customer experience. They do this by enabling visitors to recognize what the website is all about. If the domain extension or suffix is .doctor, any user can expect that site is related to medicine or physicians.

Impact of the ccTLD to businesses 

Talking of another type of domain name, let’s describe what is ccTLDs – country code Top Level Domains and why they are built? This domain is actually built to refer as country code extensions. Also, this type of domains extension requires user (who is registering such domain name) to live or have a business located in particular country.

ccTLD domains work better if you want to establish business’ credibility amongst the locals. It offers local targeting and better SEO.  Let’s say, you want to target USA audience to visit your retail store in USA, pick a ccTLD as primary domain extension. In turn, your site will show up in search results for users only living in USA, and not the other parts of globe. Also ccTLD’s deliver a higher SEO value for country based browsing results. The reason behind is, search engines always prefer local results and thus rank them higher.


Now you know how important it is to choose a domain name and its many benefits to your business. Make the decision wisely. Select the one that will suit your business’ needs and your budget.

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