Top Questions about Domain Names Answered

Top Questions about Domain Names Answered

To ensure the survival of your business today, you are required to build an online presence. Building a website is the most basic way to do so. In order to launch a website, you first need to find a domain name and choose a web hosting service.

Here are some of the questions that usually plague minds when deciding on domain names.

How do you search for domain name ideas?

Well, the process of coming up with the best domain name includes using your creativity and branding knowledge. You must ensure that the name you choose is relevant to your business. Once you have an idea, you can use a domains name generator or Domain Whois to filter down your options.

What is gTLD name and why is it important?

gTLD name stands for a generic top-level domains (TLD). They include domains extensions like .com, .net and .org. Compared to TLD names, these types of domain names are preferred because they are generally known by the masses. Remember, extensions matter when directing to a given website.

Do Web Hosting Services help in domain name registration?

Whether or not the given web hosting service offers domain name registration varies. USA web hosting companies and Canadian Cloud Web hosting best companies do offer the service. However, if you opt for a free web hosting package or a cheap web hosting provider, you will have to do the task on your own. This is why it is important to select cloud hosting providers carefully.

Why do prices domain have differ from one another?

When you try to buy domains, you will find both cheap and premium domains in the market. Why is there a difference in cost? It all boils down to the name, domain extension and the year of ownership provided. Domains names expire after a while. The longer you have it for, the higher the price. Moreover, GTLD like .com are comparatively pricier than options like .net. There are various variables that come into play when setting a price.

Do domain names matter?

Yes, they do! Just like the rules of branding apply to the name of your company and your logo, the same holds true for domain names as well. After all, this is the name that will be communicated across platforms. It must be relevant and easy to recall.


Now that your questions are answered, go ahead and choose a quality domain name.

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